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bike lock bunjibike lock bunji



BUNJi is our unique technical tether that provides the complete security system designed for cycling enthusiasts.

BUNJi provides a compressible tether that literally lets you tie your bike up before fitting directly to the main body of your BiKLOX, which then acts as the locking means.

BUNJi is the perfect tether when used in partnership with BiKLOX; however BUNJi can also be used with conventional bicycle security products as an additional layer of security; for further information please Contact Us

Product Description

Technical Detail:

BUNJi is constructed from an innovative blend of lightweight materials that in combination provide a cut resistant tether that is borne from technology that has its roots in advanced engineering applications within automotive and military industries.

BUNJi offers a lightweight multi-layered high performance tether that incorporates the flexibility of resilient bungee cord in conjunction with a truly cut resistant braided sleeve that affords the perfect technical partnership.

BUNJi Tether

BUNJi Storage


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